The Instructional Technology Department will provide all of our member school districts timely, efficient, and effective resources to help promote increased student achievement through the use of technology. It is our mission to empower our learning community to:

Communicate  Innovate  Integrate  Collaborate

by using existing and emergent technologies coupled with tried and true teaching.

In addition, Dawson Educational Cooperative's Technology staff provides technical support, consultation,  infrastructure management, desktop support, technology planning, funding procurement, E-rate application assistance, network security and professional development for area schools in our cooperative area.

Monthly workshops/meetings for district technology coordinators are held so they may stay abreast of the latest advances in technology. Professional Development courses for classroom technology integration are offered for teachers throughout the school year and in the summer.Instructional Technology Coaches meet 4 times a year to coordinate professional development to meet the needs of their school district in the area of instructional technology.

The DEC Technology Coordinator  works closely with the technician on technical issues related to Online Learning. The Technology Dept. also works with Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) and the state's Department of Information Services (DIS) to make sure our schools are participating in any and all programs that can provide technological benefits to the districts, the teachers, and their students.

Our staff consists of a Technology Coordinator, funded by the state and partially by the co-op, and technicians who are funded by participating area school districts. In addition, each district provides a district Technology Coordinator, and in some cases additional Instructional Technology Coaches, who work directly with us throughout the school year.


DEC Technology Plan

The DEC Technology Plan was presented and approved by the DEC Board of Directors on April 9, 2008  which was then submitted to the Arkansas Dept. of Education.  Upon approval the technology plan came into effect on July 1, 2008 for three years.  A broad group of member school employees, parents and community members contributed to the contents of the plan.

 Download DEC Technology Plan 

Integrating Technology into the classroom is a major focus at DEC. Technology tools (current and emerging) are demonstrated in workshops and meetings to inform teachers and school leaders on how to integrate technology in the curriculum and instruction. Yearlong professional development and compressed interactive video trainings are offered on a variety of technology components and subjects such as I-safe, digital cameras, GPS, handheld computers, web design, photo editing, digital editing, digital field trips, videostreaming, etc.

The Technology Planning Committee was selected based on current job responsibilitiesand current understanding of technology. The committee will meet annually for the next three years to evaluate the progress of the plan and make suggestions for technology implementation. Results from the annual Professional Development Needs Survey will be viewed to stay abreast of the current and emerging technologies for the integrations of technology into the academic curriculum. From these results, workshops and trainings will be scheduled that align to the teachers’ needs and/or skills.