Program Description

Program Description:  The goals are to provide meaningful, ongoing professional development (PD) and support for K-12 teachers, which focuses on professional learning practice that increases educator effectiveness and therefore increases student understanding of science phenomenon.

The PD and support uses research-based methods that mirror those needed in the classroom and are designed to:

  • Enhance instructional practices
  • Support inquiry science
  • Build reading and writing skills & strategies set forth by Common Core State Standards for Literacy in Science, & Technical Subjects
  • Prepare teachers for the implementation of the New Arkansas Science Standards
  • Build content and pedagogical content knowledge, skills and practice
  • Facilitate the development of professional learning communities
  • Support teacher leadership
  • Align with state and district priorities.

School SupportI am available to support the needs of teachers as professionals and adult learners, including:

  • Science notebooks
  • Informational writing
  • Classroom observations
  • Performance assessments
  • Disciplinary Literacy in Science
  • Content knowledge,
  • Teacher resources & materials
  • Technology
  • Standards based lesson construction
  • Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) for Science & Technical Subjects
  • Assisting teachers in their instructional decision-making.